Who are the Foodlovers?
People searching food specialties? Lovers of tasty food, ready for anything?
This in part is true, because they are passionate and fond of food and its world
But, there is much more.
The Foodlovers® are:
- all members of a postmodern tribe putting together cookery art, culture and design, in an continuous research process
- all people starting from their own food traditions and getting through the cult of conviviality: food as pleasure, identity, cultural exchange and life style  
- all people investigating the dominion where designers, chefs and companies cooperate to find only the best
- they recognise themselves by using smart taste buds in the selection of extraordinary flavours: small “niche productions” respecting the specificity of territories
- they have flair to find out innovative and appealing food design objects: food “subject of love” must surround itself with beauty, verve, funcionality
- they move their able hands for technical and creative recipes, exploring the new and the innovative “traditional” taste